Frequently Asked

What media sources does Transit News cover?

Transit News covers news sources available to the public on the Internet. While this information is readily available, Transit News summarizes the information in an easy to use format and provides it to you in a format takes minutes to read rather than hours to search.

How does Transit News work?

We search online news sources at least once (usually more) every day to find all the articles that meet our criteria for relevant information. We do not include stories of little interest (route changes, crime that happens to occur on public transportation, etc). We look for items of interest to transit professionals. We provide subscribers with news about new transit projects, system improvements, the political impact on transit at the federal, state and local level and news about transit agencies, consultants and suppliers.

Does Transit News guarantee that it will find every news story published each day about the transit industry?

Since the web – and news – is an ever-changing medium, no one can guarantee that they will never miss a story. However, Transit News has been built from the ground up for this purpose and every news site we search is reviewed to ensure accuracy.

Why can’t you just send me the articles from the source of news?

Every news media outlet’s stories are protected by the respective supplier under the Federal Copyright Law ( As such, we are only able to provide a small summary of the article and a link to the electronic source of the information. Because of this, we cannot maintain articles without paying a fee to the copyright holder. To do so would increase our cost and thus the cost of a subscription. Since news is timely, we feel that providing the links to the story quickly is more important than maintaining an archive copy of the story. Most media internet sites maintain back issues of stories. These stories are available for a nominal fee. Each site is different and each charges a different fee.

How long will the news be available to me?

The individual news sources determine how long they keep the information available on their websites. Some newspapers remove their stories after one day. Others remove their stories after a week. Some charge a fee, some do not. Transit News cannot warrant that the story will be available other than the day we provide it to a subscriber via email. We do not provide links to stories from sites that charge a subscription to access their sites, such as The Wall Street Journal.

I clicked on a link and the site is asking me to subscribe. What do I do now?

Many newspapers have moved to an online subscription service. Some allow access to a limited number of articles each month. To keep our costs low, we give our customers the option to subscribe to the publications they want to read. Because many publications let you look at a limited number of articles per month, we’ve decided to include articles from publications that require subscriptions.

Does Transit News store a cookie on my site?

Cookies are pieces of information generated by a Web server and stored in the user’s computer, ready for future access. Cookies are embedded in the information flowing back and forth between the user’s computer and the servers. Cookies were implemented to allow user-side customization of Web information.

Essentially, cookies make use of user-specific information transmitted by the Web server onto the user’s computer so that the information might be available for later access by itself or other servers. In most cases, not only does the storage of personal information into a cookie go unnoticed, so does access to it. Web servers automatically gain access to relevant cookies whenever the user establishes a connection to them, usually in the form of Web requests.

Cookies are based on a two-stage process. First the cookie is stored in the user’s computer. For example, Transit News keeps your subscription expiration date in the cookie and will deny access to links if the subscription is expired. Our server creates a specific cookie, which is essentially a tagged string of text containing your preferences, and it transmits it to your computer. Your Web browser receives our cookie and stores it in a special file called a cookie list. That’s how we verify your user name, subscription level and subscription status.

Can I forward a copy of the email to other people?

Transit News is copyright protected and as such, forwarding to others is a violation of copyright laws and the subscription agreement between Transit News and the subscriber. We have also taken steps electronically to preclude people who receive an email from a subscriber from accessing the links.

Why should I subscribe to this service?

The transit industry is dynamic. Transportation agencies are facing challenges not seen in decades. The transit industry (consultants, suppliers and manufacturers) is developing new products and services to stretch public agency dollars. New service, expansion of service, implementation of premium transit (light rail, commuter rail, and bus rapid transit) is growing. Our products help keep you informed about the events affecting the transit industry. We provide you with the information you need to keep up on this growing market sector. Whether you’re a CEO, involved in Business Development, or a manager in public transportation, keeping up on what’s going is more important today than ever before.

Why can’t I just use a “news search” on the internet?

You can, but you won’t reach the number of news outlets Transit News does. If you use a traditional search engine you’ll get a lot of news (much of which you won’t need) about drug transit routes, Transit Boulevard, people in transit, and lots of other stories that you’ll spend hours searching through. That’s our value added service – weeding out the unnecessary information and providing you – the transit professional – with the right news you need. TransitNews separates the “wheat from the chaff” and delivers relevant, timely news from North America’s premier newspapers and media outlets.

How often will I receive the news?

Our daily products are published Monday-Friday, excluding business holidays (as defined by the NY Stock Exchange), 50 weeks a year. Our services are not available the week of Christmas or New Year’s.

How is the service priced?

Transit News is $299.99 a year. To get in-depth news with links to the news sources, you may subscribe to Transit News daily or for three, six or 12 months. See our subscription page for pricing information.

I have a question you didn’t cover. What should I do?

Call us at 321-208-8323 or email us for more information.

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