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Transit News is produced every business day by searching a wide variety of sources including online news outlets, major wires and daily papers, as well as TV and radio stations, smaller daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and new media publications to compile news and information on the public transportation industry every business day. Then we send the news to our customers directly to their computer via email every morning.

With Transit News, you’ll get the most current, relevant news available. We search online news sources every day to find all the articles that meet our criteria for relevant information for the transit industry.

We do not include stories of little interest (route changes, crime that happens to occur on public transportation, etc). We look for items of interest to transit professionals.

  •   news about new transit projects
  •   system improvements
  •   the political impact on transit at the federal, state and local level
  •   news about transit agencies, consultants and suppliers

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